The answer to all your food costings

Always at hand, easy to use:
Website & Tablet

The program has many key functions. This includes ingredients database building, recipe card building, menu structure building, developing costing formulas, and all this is easily printable in Excel and PDF formats.

You never have to worry about costing a menu again the hard way , once you have entered your ingredient list, each recipe takes less than 5 minutes to prepare.

The exciting part is not only it is easy to share the costing formulas with your manager, once you have printed it in Excel format, the system can make a nice, well presented recipe card in PDF format at the same time.

The answer to all food costing

  • Recipe costing
  • Excel spreadsheet automatic formula
  • PDF recipe cards
  • Ingredient and automatic pricing updates
  • Re-order reports
  • Stock taking
  • Inventory management systems
  • Menu planning
  • Forecast menu grouping
  • Alerts regarding low inventory reports
  • Direct live information feed from Suppliers
  • Web based users can use program in any locations
  • Use program hand held IPAD or I PHONE
  • No more printed recipe cards needed

Only $600 per softwarre Systems can be used on Computer, IPad or IPhone.


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